Hurdle Master's "Battle Of Iron Horses"

Ships are safest at the harbour, but then they are not meant for that purpose! And neither are the men, women and machines made of mettle. To all the motorsports enthusiast, adrenaline seekers and motorbike freaks - we proudly announce the 3rd Moto Dangal on 22nd July 2018, with the onset of monsoon. The first Dangal surprised and humbled many with its small but a technically challenging track. It definitely created the fear of water amongst the most seasoned bikers. The second Dangal challenged the bikers with a much larger track that tested the stamina of bikers and scooterist. With the 3rd Moto Dangal, we are all set to test both 'the bike' and 'the biker' equally on a much more challenging track. Bikers, Scooterist, Men, Women, Novice and the Pro's prepare those 'iron horses' well and begin to train your mind and body hard for the #onslaught we are about to bring in! Its gonna be a pure adrenaline rush out on the track. Let's rev those engines, hit the dirt on grippy tires with gusto.



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